Yonkers Attorney Phone Number – A Mystery For a Long Time?



This is the phone number that intrigues you. It is the home of a man named Andypremo Yonek. He and his wife are suspects in the disappearance of a Chinese girl, Nima Tahara. Their arrest has raised questions about the press ethics. The investigation into the couple’s activities has brought them a new level of scrutiny, with their attorneys defending them against what they call “baseless and ludicrous” charges.

Yonkers Attorney Phone Number

According to his attorney, Andy Premo Yonek has a permanent address in California. He works as an IT technician. In an email to his mother, he said he was working at “tech support for a prestigious company”. The attorney’s phone number belongs to Premo Yonek’s mother. It is unclear whether she is the owner of the number or not.

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When we asked how this attorney could be associated with such a mysterious caller, his attorney Yonek replied, “I don’t know. I don’t work for that company anymore.” We later found out that he is not employed by that company anymore.

This mysterious attorney had previously worked with an individual named Richard Demidio. Demidio is an American tourist who is on an island located in New Zealand. The Yonek family owns property there Attorney. The attorney whose number is on the landline belongs to Demidio’s family.

In addition to the strange phone number, the attorney’s name is also on the list of creditors listed for the couple’s son, Joshua Premo. The phone number and address belong to the same person. We also found out that the name of the attorney on the list of creditors for the son matches the name of the man who filed for personal bankruptcy. There are many more inconsistencies surrounding the case.

No one from the Office of the Attorney General’s office would discuss or confirm this attorney’s link with the mysterious caller. Even after numerous requests, the attorney did not reveal any details about the case. He also declined to provide us with his phone number or address.

Apparently, one of the reasons why no one can provide the correct address of this attorney is because he is a private individual. Another reason why this information is not readily available is that the attorney does not have a landline. He only has cell phones. He claimed that he owns three cell phones but we were not able to verify this.

It is common practice for attorneys to change their telephone numbers once they switch agencies. The new agency will assign a new one. So if your attorney was assigned to a new case, you may want to ask him to inform the new firm where he is assigned so that they can also change their number.

Despite the unanswered question of how this attorney got a phone number, it is clear that this is not someone that you want to mess with. If you have been the victim of such a crime, you need to find and arrest this suspect. You can do this by using an attorney who has a proven track record. Make sure that this person is not a sex offender so you are safe from any type of threats.