What is a Home Inspection?

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living room 2732939 340

A home inspection is primarily a non-invasive inspection of the general condition of a property, most often in conjunction with the sale of that property. Home inspections are typically performed by an individual home inspector who at least possesses the necessary training and certifications to do such inspections. It is not uncommon for an individual to purchase a home without having conducted a home inspection.

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In the vast majority of cases, it is not the responsibility of the buyer to have his or her home inspected prior to closing. If you are considering purchasing a foreclosed home or a property in which you believe there may be some difficulties with the structure or overall condition, you should have the house inspected by a qualified inspector prior to making the purchase. When performing the inspection, it is important to understand what the purpose of a home inspection is and what limitations (if any) exist on the inspector’s report.

Home Inspection

In order to perform a complete home inspection, including a roof inspection, an experienced, trained professional must inspect the roof of the property. The roof is typically the weakest link in the Mishawaka home inspection and should be inspected by someone with experience inspecting homes with this issue. During the visual examination, the inspector will note areas of the roof that may need repair and areas of the roof that appears to be leaking. He or she will also want to check to see if there are any apparent gaps or openings where water may be collecting.

During the visual examination, the inspector will check to make sure that the interior and exterior of the home are well maintained. He or she will typically ask to see the owner’s home insurance policy or deed certificate. He or she will also want to check the cooling and heating systems, the electrical system, the security system, and the general functioning of the home. The purpose of the visual examination is to gain an understanding of how well the hom

eowner undertakes to maintain the roof, the foundation, the heating, and cooling system, the drainage system, the attic, and any other systems within the property.

Once the home inspection has been completed the inspector will provide a written report of his findings. The report provides a summary of the findings and the conclusion that the conditions have been successfully maintained. The report is generally written in a professional, well-designed format and uses language that is easy to understand. It contains recommendations about what should be done next in order to correct the problem.

Home inspections will help a homeowner learn about any issues that would affect the functionality of their home or cause an increase in the value if they decide to sell. The purpose of such inspections is to increase the chances of selling your home by making it more inviting and improving the condition of the inside and outside. Home inspectors are specially trained to recognize problems that would affect a home’s safety, functionality and quality of life. They are also skilled to identify major systems that require attention and they can even offer advice on how to maintain the systems for maximum performance.

Final Words

Home Inspections is regulated at the local, county and state level. Each state has home inspection standards which must be met in order for a home inspection to be completed successfully. These inspections are generally required before a home buyer can purchase a house. Most states require inspections to be completed every three years.

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