What Causes The Water In A Crawl Space?

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So, now that you have your new crawl space waterproofed, what causes the water in the crawl space (also known as the main sewer) to come into the home? Well, as long as there’s water in the pipes that bring the water into your home then the answer to this question is “anyone’s guess.” But, there are a few common culprits of water damage in homes with crawl spaces.

Pollution, Trash, Degradation

Water In A Crawl Space

The two worst kinds of water damage to crawlspaces are mold and mildew – both can be hazardous to your health! Mold, especially black mold, can grow anywhere in your house and is especially insidious because it grows in places you might not expect flooded crawlspace damage Boise Idaho. Mildew, on the other hand, grows in moist areas and is much more difficult to get rid of. The mold and mildew growth can be traced back to the main sewer line, which is not cleaned could lead to a very bad problem for your family.

Final Words

One thing you can do to minimize the amount of water you’re dealing with in the crawl area is to learn about how water moves around your home and what you can do to prevent water damage in the first place. For example, sealing all drains is a great way to keep excess water away from your home. While this won’t eliminate the main sewer drain itself, it will prevent excess water from the main sewer line going to the crawl space.