Understanding Bunting Computer Repair Service in Niagara

understanding bunting 3260

understanding bunting 3260

If your computer is sick or just slow, you may want to consider the benefits of bunting. Bunting (also known as Active Recovery) is a common method of computer repair used to re-allocate the physical locations of devices such as hard drives and memory sticks, and it is also referred to as Component Repair. This procedure allows you to move a device from one point in your system to another, with the assurance that it will not cause further damage. The following are examples of bunting in action.

Bunting Computer Repair Service

An example would be if you had a slow computer that was freezing constantly. If you had a floppy drive that was about to be overwritten, but the computer was already powered on, then you could Bun the floppy to the other side of the computer. If the computer repairs professional needed access to the other side of the computer quickly, they could simply pop open the other side’s door, remove the floppy, and move it to their waiting computer.

This saved them time, effort, and probably money. In this scenario, the computer owner still has to buy a new drive, but he doesn’t have to wait for the drive to be installed.

Final Words

The Bunting procedure is often very helpful when computer owners need to upgrade or add extra ports to their computers. For example, if you have a USB port but only have one available, you can easily bun the port from one side of the computer to the other without the need for any special tools. Most computer repair professionals will recommend that you avoid adding any additional ports unless you absolutely need to. Otherwise, you risk opening up your computer to potential problems and causing more work to be done than you initially anticipated.