Treatments For Hair Loss That Work Better Than Others

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For over 30 years, I’ve tried every topical hair loss treatment on the market. Surgery, pills, herbal supplements, natural remedies… they all seemed to work for a while, but then my hair started to grow back. It wasn’t until I learned that there are many other ways to treat baldness that really work that I finally decided to give up the treatments that didn’t work and learn about how to naturally regrow hair.

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Until I discovered this approach, I would have continued to lose hair, even though I know it shouldn’t happen. But when I learned the truth about how hair grows, I was shocked at how easy it really was.

Treatments For Hair Loss

There has been quite a dramatic revolution in modern biology learn more. Armed with powerful new equipment, scientists are now learning how to decipher the subtle chemical messages of our body, which includes how to coin new remedies for hair loss. Like the widely acclaimed cure for leukemia, these new remedies are not nearly ready for prime time just yet.

Right now, they are only available in oral form, meaning that you need to consume the ingredients by mouth instead of putting it under your tongue like so many other topical hair loss products are designed to do.

While oral treatments for alopecia are proving successful for some people, like me, they have also been shown to cause serious side effects including depression and sexual dysfunction in men and women. That’s why the most effective hair loss cure, and the one I’ve used to completely reverse my problem, is a topical treatment known as finasteride. Finasteride acts against the enzyme that is the primary cause of male pattern baldness, which is the enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. By blocking this enzyme, finasteride effectively shuts down hair loss and restores hairline and volume.


In my own hair loss tests, finasteride produced statistically significant results in all three test groups, which included the treatment of alopecia and prevention of hair loss on the scalp.

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