Tips On Installing A Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

tips on installing a harbor breeze ceiling fan remote control kit 3528

tips on installing a harbor breeze ceiling fan remote control kit 3528

A Harbor Breeze fan remote control kit comes with a handheld transmitter and a receiver that you put into the fan housing to allow the fan to be remotely controlled by the remote, for all of your ceiling fans. However, you will have to check carefully which remote control kit is compatible with the fan you own by reading the accompanying descriptions. If you are unsure of this then simply ask the salesperson which brand of fan they recommend for use with the particular model of fan you own. This should help you buy the correct fan remote control unit for your use. There are also many different types of controls on the market, so you may have to shop around to find the best one for your needs.

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Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

One of the most common brands of remote control units is the Shockmaster brand harbor breeze ceiling fan parts. These remote controls have an electronic circuit board that has electronic chips on it and they communicate with the fan using the serial signal wire that plugs into a wall outlet. An electrical current runs through the chip and changes its voltage, which causes the motor to turn on and off. The electronic circuit board is usually a little dangerous and can cause a shock if you touch it without proper safety precautions. This is why you should always use a licensed electrician when installing the fan or the wires to install the fan.

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A Harbor Breeze remote controller kit does not include the fan itself but you can buy an additional canopy if you choose. The wireless remote receiver has the black and white wires that connect to the main switch on the fan and the wiring is buried under the canopy. The black and white wires are connected to the fan wiring.