The Pope Likes on Instagram – How Can This Be?

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socialmedia 952091 340

Many people wonder why the Pope likes on Instagram and some even wonder if the Holy Father is using the site to simply pontificate from. The Pope, like all popes before him, has always been active on the social media site and there is no indication that he plans to stop now. So what exactly does the Pope have to say?

Likes on Instagram

The first site-in-a-millennium that seems to suggest that the Pope uses is Facebook. A quick search of the name “Pope” brings up pages of people who like the Pope, believe that he is a religious figure or want to meet the Pope. It is hard to tell from the Pope’s public statements whether he checks his Facebook constantly.

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When he is interviewed on the Today Show, he is often asked if he is on the site. He has also been seen on the Celebrity Homepage and has commented on posts. Many people wonder how popes keep in touch with their fan base and the Internet-savvy paparazzi that follow them on Facebook.

There are other ways to connect with the Pope. The Vatican website offers an official page where people can communicate with the Vatican Secretariat Many people get updates through the official site about the Pope’s whereabouts, his schedule, his speeches, sermons and his readings. Visitors can also see daily Vatican photo galleries. One reason the Vatican may choose this medium over FaceBook and Twitter is because most people will not be able to see the pictures uploaded onto the Vatican page due to their size.

The Pope’s official page on Facebook has received over twenty million likes thus far. Many people wonder what makes the Pope like on Instagram so much and some even wonder if he is addicted to the Internet or simply taking a break from all the papal visits and the daily interferences with the flock. Some people have even speculated that the Pope may be taking a break from the gold and jewels that he wears so often!

Many people have noticed that the Pope has a new book published called “AVeal” on the library website of the Vatican. It can be purchased for a mere twenty dollars and it contains some pretty interesting and rare pictures of the Pope. Some people have speculated that he may be working on a new encyclopedia and others think he may be working on a book regarding the life of Christ. If the Pope is working on one of these, it would be a great gift for people who have been reading his books for many years.

On the day that the pontiff steps into the Sistine Chapel for the first time, there will more than likely be a number of photographers and paparazzi in attendance. Many people take photos for social media or to post on Instagram as the Pope is being viewed by people all over the world.

Many people have speculated that the Pope may use the social media sites to “get away” from the press and the cameras while he is visiting Rome, but it remains to be seen. In the meantime, the Pope is enjoying the attention and seems to be having a great time!