Tech News App From The New York Times

tech news app from the new york times 3000

tech news app from the new york times 3000

The New York Times has launched a new app, Tech News App, for its users. This innovative web and mobile application offer users all the latest news stories from around the world. In fact, this web-based application has been designed by the newsroom team from the New York Times and is available for both iPhone and Android devices running on Jellybean and above. Both Android and iPhone are powerful platforms and offer unique features. Users can access the application from their respective locations.

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Tech News App

If you are a regular reader or a fan of a particular news channel you will find this app very useful as it lets you get real-time updates from your favorite channels and adds an extra layer of choice and flexibility. Medium is a great web app with interesting, original, humorous and original content and hence the mobile application is even more exciting and comes along with entertaining music from the radio network DJ’s that makes the app a must have for tech news enthusiasts Business News Australia. The new news feed feature of the app allows the readers to not only get the headlines but also the trending news stories across different channels.

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Apart, from the breaking news from the major news channels the tech news app gives the option to browse all the top-rated apps as well. You can also find popular gadgets and gizmos of the season listed under each category. There is a section where you can subscribe to the best technology gadgets of the season. The free version of the app has limited functionality and offers limited entertainment and information.