Sleeping Vs Weight Loss: What Studies Shows?

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We all love trips, adventures, and more but at the end of the day our go-to place would be the most awaited – BED. Sleep is the most important part of our life. The health care professional suggests that we have to sleep for 8 hours a day for a healthy life.

Sleep is lying down and not doing anything, have you ever wondered how this activity can be an integral part. How can this effortless work make us a better person? Well, the answer is YES. Sleep is the most efficient healer. Our body needs enough sleep to function.

We all have our sophisticated excuses for running our sleep cycle. Most of us go to sleep at midnight and stress our bodies with 4 – 5 hours of sleep. With this habit, we are damaging our body cells in all possible ways.

In this article, we would like to share a strong reason for you to focus on your sleep and heal your body.

What is sleep?

Sleep is not only one of the states of our mind but the body too. A state where the entire body seems to be dormant is actually where certain parts of the body are active. Studies have proven that the brain remains active during sleep.

With a subject under sleep, the researchers have observed fluctuations in brain cell activity. Once the levels of melatonin – sleep hormone increases in the bloodstream, initiates sleep in the body. During this time the nerve cells start repairing themselves and get ready to be functional in the morning.

For us, sleep is a phase where we lie down, rest our body, and be a little conscious, held up with all the beautiful dreams. But it is more than that. Sleep has four stages to complete and the cycle repeats until we are awake. We have to give our bodies enough time to go through these stages. Disturbing these stages leads to disruption of the sleep cycle.

Nutrition and sleep

Though made up of millions of cells our body acts like one. Though we follow a proper diet and physical exercise, our cell still ends up having a tiring day. The body is not energetic and completely active.

Almost all of us would have faced this issue. We are not only aware of this issue but the cause too. Without giving enough sleep to the body, providing it with nutrition-rich diets and supplements will go in vain. Also when the sleeplessness hit harder, we start craving more fat and sugar. This drags us to obesity.

We do not choose sleeplessness, but due to stress and pressure, we cannot get sleep. The reason for sleeplessness could be the lack of nutrition as well.

Our body gets influenced by the food we consume. So, we have to be very careful while choosing our diet plans. The body needs valuable vitamins and minerals to secrete sleep hormones. Including a lot of vegetables and fruits in the diet will help us to go to sleep faster.

There are some effective supplements like Resurge which help us in good sleep and inturn make you more energetic and lose that extra fat. According to ConsumersCompanion Resurge customer reviews, the supplement is far more effective than any other in this category.

Hormones and sleep

Like food and physical exercises, sleep also affects the levels of the hormone in the body. Hormones are necessary for almost every function in the body. These chemical substances act as messengers in our body to carry and deliver information to all the cells. Only on receiving this information, the cells start the work.

Our body releases several hormones to the bloodstream during our sleep. The list includes the most important – growth hormone too. Further sleeplessness increases the stress in the body that leads to the release of the stress hormone. This intimates the body about the adverse condition.

The hormones secreted during sleep also boost up the immunity. The immune system is an integral part of the body to fight against any threat to our body. If we compromise sleep, we end up losing the immunity and thus are vulnerable to all diseases.

Without sleep and thus hormone imbalance, we have to suffer a lot with an immune-compromised body for the rest of our life.

Sleep and Social life

With all this information, it is clear that peaceful sleep can lead to an energetic morning. We all love to relish a perfect day time and present ourselves with all confidence. We have to understand that sleep plays a vital role in making this real.

Sleep deprivation has caused a lot of issues. Sleep deprivation can result in a lack of focus, concentration, availability, and inability to volunteer. Further case studies have proved car accidents, accidents at the workplace have occurred due to the same issue. Our negligence to sleep can even cause death to other’s lives.

Studies have stated that a person with good sleep has been more active and productive. Once you make a positive environment with an energetic body, you can observe a lot of changes. You can maintain a healthy social life with your loved ones. A night of sound sleep can lead to an increase in focus and responsibility.

Sound sleep and success in life

Sleep is as important as a proper diet and physical exercise. Only proper sleep will lead to a healthy body. A healthy body is mandatory for a productive life. To be successful, we have to be productive.

Rome was not built in a day – every penny we earn requires efforts. Our bodies should ready to put those efforts to make our dreams true. Forcing our body to work without sleep is equal to cutting off our lifespan in half or even more.

For a successful person, it is very important to maintain a cool personality. Only your personality will define you. To maintain a positive environment in the office, with the clients we need a supportive body. Nodding off in a meeting, feeling exhausted after a small piece of work does not imply you as a good worker. Further, this creates an aversion too.

We never feel motivated to be closer to a drowsy individual. We have to establish a positive attitude for people to stay back with us. Without a night of proper sleep, though you try and force your mind to be awake and calm, at the end of the day it is a bunch of exhausted cells.

The thought of going back to sleep sticks to the back of the mind. Dim light and less noisy environment are enough for the pineal gland to release melatonin to the blood and start the sleep. And unfortunately, this perfect environment is available in classrooms and workplaces very often.

Not everybody sleeps in a seminar or a meeting. Most of the time it is not the meeting that is boring, but it is the body that is incapable of being awake. To be successful in life, we have to be ready for any kind of challenge.  We have to keep our bodies and mind steady to work smart.

Science and technological development are too dangerous when being available to everyone. One such invention is eating up our lifespan. Yes, it is the smartphone in your hand. Be it a game or an interesting video, a comment, a post from a celebrity, keeps you awake even at 1 am without great efforts.

We have to take control of all the possible hurdles and go to sleep early to get ready for a productive life.

Sleep is not only associated to have a productive life but a healthy one that makes you live long enough to enjoy your earnings.

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