Send Any Message on Social Networks Using Knife Emojis

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vegetables 573961 340

The Knife Emojibot is a cool new platform on which you can easily send any type of message to another user. The concept is simple; you just use one of the many icons to create a graphic image like a knife, fork, or gun and then send it over to a Twitter user or a Facebook user twitter video downloader. Basically for any of these social networks, you need to be logged in and then you can go ahead and just start sending out your message.

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Social Networks Using Knife Emojis

To make the Emojibot even more fun, you can create the icon using a digital pen or a pencil, and then you can draw or write whatever you want on the icon The most popular fork and knife are a very popular subject and many people have created several different Emojis relating to this subject.

You can even go as far as putting a fake knife next to the fork or even better a real knife next to the fork. This way the Emojis make it look as if the person has a real knife and it just looks cool. If you really want to get creative then why not use a fork or a knife covered in sauce?

When you use the Emojis it’s important that you use the correct keyboard layout. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can use any kind of Emojis that looks interesting. Unfortunately using any Emojis wrongly will result in the message being misread and therefore the whole thing will be a waste of time.

Final Words

I guess if you are going to use the knife then you could use some Japanese Kanji, which is readily available on the Emojis site but again it’s not recommended. Hopefully in the future, some standardized keyboard layouts will be created for the Emojis so that the misuse of the Emojis will cease.