Seafood Restaurants in Singapore East

seafood restaurants in singapore east 2970

seafood restaurants in singapore east 2970

Seafood in Singapore is a specialty of the country, so much so that it has earned the nickname “East Coast Seafood”. The freshness of the local seafood, its savor, and taste, have won the region an international reputation as the top seafood destination in the world. It is no wonder that there are thousands of restaurants where one can indulge in a delectable plate of seafood Of course, there are also local restaurants but they are not as numerous as the chain stores and the chain restaurants serving other cuisines and international dishes.

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Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

However, the area is famous for seafood restaurants. There are many local restaurants, most of which are found along the Singapore River, offering some of the best seafood in Singapore. Here you can also find Chinese restaurants that specialize in seafood, as well as hawker centers and foreign-owned restaurants. Seafood dishes can also be ordered to take away or even in the form of snacks served at the tables. These restaurants are found all over the Singapore River area, so you will not be looking for somewhere else to go for your seafood.

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The Hainanese and Chinese restaurants in this area serve seafood that is fresh and very delicious, while local restaurants mainly specialize in Chinese and Hainanese food. Apart from seafood in Singapore, these restaurants also serve such delicacies as char kway teow, lee, and a laksa, chicken rice, bah kut, soon, and other such delicacies. So, if you too want to indulge in the wonderful local flavors, head to the local seafood restaurants in Singapore East.