Roof Claims: Hail and Wind Storm Damage

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The roof of your property is the first line of defense against the elements. On a bright day, sunlight can heat your roof to unbearable temperatures Roof Restoration Townsville. On a rainy day, it is the very first to get soaked by the rain. On a rainy afternoon, your shingles may get torn or dismissed away from your house. Finally, on those stormy days, a hail storm could beat up your roof and cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. What type of damage can a hail or wind storm really cause? The most typical kind of roof damage is known as storm damage. This is damage caused by wind, hail, or even both.

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In 2009 hail storms caused over $1.2 billion worth of property damage in the USA. Often times this kind of roof damage isn’t noticeable until other parts of your house have been changed. Hail strikes cause a reduction in the life expectancy of your shingles Roof repairs Sale. When hail strikes your shingles the top layer of granules is eliminated from the matting causing damage in the shape of little circular marks on the shingles.

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These tiny marks finally cause leaks resulting in more expensive damage such as interior drywall rot and upper roof decking damage. It may take months or years for escapes to form around those marks, but the ultimate origin is that the hail. Delayed repairs can cause a lapse in the statute of limitations supplied by the home-owners insurer leaving you, the homeowner, accountable for all of the repairs required. That is why it is very important to have a prompt inspection. You should not wait until you see a flow to call a storm recovery specialist