Rock Garden for Darjeeling Sightseeing

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zen garden 5975562 340

The Rock Garden in Chunnu Summer Falls & Ganga Maya Park has recently been added as major tourist attractions in the flat town of Darjeeling, in West Bengal, India.

It is an exhibit piece intended to entice visitors to Darjeeling even after political agitations dramatically interrupted tourism in the mid-80s. The sightseeing spots around the rock formation are the perfect example of nature, combined with human ingenuity.

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The rock garden was built in 1984 by the then West Bengal CM AK Rajaiaharan and a team of villagers led by him darjeeling rock garden. Initially, the idea was to have a rock garden built on the banks of the river Ganges so that it could be used by both Hindu and Non-Hindu tourists.

The rock formation was chosen since it was supposed to be a sacred place for Hindus. Once constructed, the community realized they had the perfect site and began to plan the construction. Although the exact date when the construction of the rock garden took off remains a mystery, it was during the reign of the late CPI (communist) CM AK Rajaiaharan that the first rock garden was built.

Today, a group of tour operators from Delhi to visit the place on a regular basis. They organize tours starting from the capital itself and extending out to popular tourist destinations such as Darjeeling and Kolkata.

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They provide comfortable accommodation and arrange for sightseeing at the appropriate times. The tours vary depending on the theme selected. One can opt for an overall package that includes sightseeing, hotel arrangements, etc., or one can opt for specific segments like heritage tours, river tours, wildlife expeditions, etc.

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