Review of the Kaplan Test of English As a Foreign Language

review of the kaplan test of english as a foreign language 3302

review of the kaplan test of english as a foreign language 3302

Kaplan University offers a totally online course that is accessible to anyone with a computer who has an Internet connection. This TOEFL course is called the Kaplan Test of English as a Foreign Language کلاس تافل آنلاین. It was developed by Kaplan, a business school based in the San Francisco area. Although Kaplan University is not located in the United States, this TOEFL course can be accessed from anywhere in the world because it is an online course.

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Test of English As a Foreign Language

If you are thinking about taking this TOEFL course, you have to remember that there are a number of different ways to study for the test. You can either take this online or you can actually go to a college or a school and sit for the test in a classroom. Some people feel that taking this course on the Internet is less stressful because there are no schedules and no one is going to physically know when you will be sitting for the test. Although Kaplan does offer daytime and evening classes, the online classes are the best for this particular subject.

Final Words

When you start taking the total online course, you will get immediate feedback on your performance from your instructor. He or she will email you and let you know what your success rate is. There will also be tests at certain times throughout the semester so that your knowledge of the material will be enhanced. Throughout the entire year, there will be tests in Kaplan’s other languages including Spanish and Mandarin. This will give students an opportunity to see if they have learned the material well enough to continue studying in another language besides English.