Proctor Traveller Tablets With Pen Holders

proitor traveller tablets with pen holders 2996

proitor traveller tablets with pen holders 2996

The 8510 is an award-winning rugged, fully integrated touch screen tablet with pen-based applications. Its robust, color touch screen creates it easy for staff to create quick, accurate data entry and management decisions by receiving, putting away, replenishing, picking, and sending parcels/mailings. For companies transporting valuable or sensitive information, the mobile touch screen lets them quickly enter the relevant information without delays or added risk. And with an optimized data management and reporting software system, the fast and efficient performance of the system ensures that valuable time is not lost.

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Proctor Traveller Tablets

In addition to its performance as a touch screen tablet with pen holder, the product also has a pen holder with a sleek, comfortable grip interactive touch screen tables –¬†Inspired Inspirations. The product’s ergonomically-designed pen holder fits the user’s hand snugly and securely while providing a secure, comfortable way to write or draw. When not in use, the pen holder doubles as a bookholder, so the entire tablet is within easy reach. The sturdy, full-grain leather finish provides a custom look and feel.

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The stylish, compact design of the touch screen tablet with pen holder provides versatility in use. While the pen display can be used to write notes or create new information, the built-in stylus also acts as a mouse, which makes navigation even easier. The stylus comes attached to the tablet via a USB connector, making it quick and simple to use. And because the stylus doubles as a bookender, the tablet can be placed in any location. With all these features and a beautiful, sophisticated design, the Proitor Traveller is a must-have tool for businesses everywhere.