Preparing For Your Bodyguard Training Course

preparing for your bodyguard training course 3333

preparing for your bodyguard training course 3333

A bodyguard is someone who’s been professionally trained in a certain set of generalized skills to guard a protected individual or group of individuals against any number of possible threats, such as assassination, kidnapping, theft or even violence. Bodyguard training usually consists of a series of field tests and rigorous courses which you have to pass in order to be certified as a full-fledged professional bodyguard hire security. The training may take several months and years before you can become a full-fledged bodyguard, and the amount of training and experience you need will depend on where and how you want to serve as a bodyguard. You can also choose to work as a security guard for a firm that hires its own bodyguards.

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Bodyguard Training Course

Although most bodyguard training centers are focused on theoretical and tactical information about how to best guard a certain client, there are a number of exercises you can take to prepare yourself for actual combat situations. One of the most important things you can do before enrolling in a bodyguard training class is to undergo a background check. This can be a fairly simple process, depending on where you live. Most large cities like New York or Los Angeles already have private investigators who can perform a public records search on you. In most states, too, you can get a copy of your criminal record, so you know what past problems you might have faced in the past.

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Aside from a criminal background check, you also need to undergo a fitness test to determine whether or not you’re physically fit enough to join the bodyguard industry. Fitness instructors at most bodyguard training facilities will ask you to fill out a detailed application in which they will gather various information about your physical capabilities, as well as assess your commitment to working as a bodyguard. Since many people who wish to join the bodyguard industry are young, fit and muscular, most bodyguard instructors will require you to submit to a weight test prior to signing up for classes. Once you’ve passed the fitness test, you can start practicing the moves that will teach you how to properly protect yourself while guarding your client. A good instructor will help his or her students learn the basics of bodyguard techniques such as locking hands, knee strikes, choke holds, striking with the head and arm, controlling or striking an opponent and other essential moves so that their chances of encountering an attack are minimized.