Party Rentals In Charlotte NC

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When you are planning a party, it is important to make your decisions carefully and select the right Charlotte NC party rentals. Choosing a party rental service that is affordable, can be done if you know what type of party to have.

Party Rentals

A party that includes adult entertainment, children’s entertainment, kiddie entertainers, and/or live music entertainment may need a different type of party rental service than a party that will just include kids or an older crowd. A corporate party may benefit from a party rental in Charlotte that offers a caterer, live entertainment, and sometimes even a DJ. Finding a party rental service in Charlotte that meets all your party needs can make your next party a great one!

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A great party rental service in Charlotte is Aree Party Rentals. They offer over forty party rentals in Charlotte and plan parties for events large and small. Their professional staff is friendly, informative and they make every party unique Party Rentals Chino Hills CA. You can expect to pay on average for party rentals in Charlotte between eight hundred and twelve hundred dollars. Some of the more popular party rentals include Country Club Showers, Golf and Tennis courts, and lots of room for gathering.

The Clubhouse Party Rentals in Charlotte offers many different types of party rentals. You can choose from intimate beach parties to large outdoor gatherings complete with tents and covered areas. There are also plenty of spaces for large group parties at the Clubhouse. The clubhouses in Charlotte are open for almost two months out of the year and feature several different areas for parties. Some of the popular party rentals include: Pool parties, Country Club Showers, and lots of room for gathering.

The Charmer’s Clubhouse is another great choice when you are looking for a party rental in Charlotte. The Charmer’s Clubhouse is four stories high, and has over three hundred rooms for your gathering needs. The Charmer’s features many different types of party rentals including: cocktail receptions, corporate events, birthdays, graduation parties, and so much more. You can choose one of the many different floors for your party, depending on the size of the party. The Charmer’s Clubhouse is open Friday through Sunday nights.

The Ritz Carlton Charlotte NC is known for being the most prestigious party rental locations in Charlotte. The Ritz Carlton features sixteen guestrooms and five suites, making it one of the best places to hold a party. You can find affordable party rentals for your party here in Charlotte NC. The Ritz Carlton features five different levels, making it a great choice for children’s parties and other large gatherings. The party rentals available through The Ritz Carlton include: dining room, living room, formal dining, and so much more.

East Lake Property Rental in Charlotte is another great place to hold a party. This seven-bedroom home is perfect for both private parties and large gatherings. The East Lake Property has two levels, making it ideal for hosting intimate events. There are two fireplaces, a large formal dining area, and a wet bar. East Lake Property also offers party rentals for those who are looking for a slightly larger venue.