New Roof Replacement Services Available to Hurricane Caretenant Areas

new roof replacement services available to hurricane caretenant areas 3390

new roof replacement services available to hurricane caretenant areas 3390

In line with its continuing commitment to providing customers around the Florida Panhandle with high-quality, low-cost roofing materials, NJ Roofing now announces the addition of its new asphalt shingle division in Pensacola to its stable of roofing providers. The addition is part of the company’s plan to continue to expand its product offering with all its customer base roofing company. The new asphalt shingles facility will offer clients in Pensacola a choice between asphalt or tar roofs which can be installed over concrete slabs.

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New Roof Replacement Services

According to the National Asphalt Roofing Contractors Association or NARI, a national professional association of roofing contractors, the addition of the asphalt roofing business in Pensacola is a positive step for the Florida Panhandle community. “The addition of this new division provides another option for stormwater control that directly supports the regional stormwater management strategy,” said Frank Pavlanti, NARI’s director of communications and marketing. “The addition of this company also demonstrates that NJR is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products at a reasonable rate.” Asphalt or tar roofs serve several distinct purposes on a property and should be carefully considered by consumers prior to installation.

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“Pensacola residents have enjoyed this benefit of this type of roofing in the past, but it is only now that they will have an additional choice among the numerous types of asphalt shingle roofs available here in Pensacola,” added Joe Caputo, Division in Pensacola vice president of sales. “This is going to provide a great service to our customers and will ensure that we continue to have an excellent reputation for emergency services.” Stormwater control is a growing concern for many communities across Florida as sea levels continue to rise, threatening coastal cities like Pensacola Beach. The addition of these two companies will only increase service and customer satisfaction as more hurricane preparedness steps are taken by local, state, and federal government entities.