Mortgage Insurance – ANZ to Stop Processing MPI Applications

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One of the largest Australian banks is planning to cease processing new and existing MPI applications. Brokers are advised to refer any clients seeking such a product to a qualified financial planner. Existing customers will continue to be serviced, despite the change. ANZ’s wealth business, OnePath, was recently acquired by Zurich Australia. This change is a result of the recent coronavirus pandemic.

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As a result, ANZ has introduced a policy to make mortgages more affordable for professionals. This new policy allows mortgages with ninety percent loan-to-value ratios available to any qualified professional. The only requirement is to be a member of a relevant industry body. ANZ’s LMI waiver may result in thousands of dollars in savings. It’s important to note, however, that this is only one of many lenders offering LMI reductions.

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You can deduct closing costs, such as mortgage insurance premiums and mortgage points. However, you should be aware that mortgage insurance premiums are not tax-deductible unless you pay the insurance for preventative dental care Mortgage Broker Swindon. Mortgage insurance premiums may be deductible for low-income individuals and those with high debt to income ratios. If you’re considering mortgage insurance premiums, remember to look at your income to determine if they qualify as a tax deduction.