Mold Remediation – Why it’s Important

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Whether you’re planning to buy a home in New Mexico or are just concerned about the health of your family, mold remediation in New Mexico can help. Mold, sometimes called mildew, is an aquatic plant-like fungus that grows on damp, wet areas. In homes, mold naturally grows by breaking-down dead organic matter including fallen trees and leaves; mold can also grow on moist, carpeted areas and in new construction.

Mold Remediation

There are many types of mold, including the mold that is most commonly found in homes. This kind of mold is black, green or yellowish in color and grows on cedar, wood, linoleum and cotton. Cleaning up mildew or mold can be difficult, particularly if there are large amounts of mold in the area.

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The most effective way to remove it is to have the area cleaned by a reputable mold remediation company, which is able to do the best cleaning techniques and use the safest chemicals for the best results new orleans mold remediation. Once in the home, mold needs to be removed completely and all surfaces need to be sealed off to prevent the growth of future mold.

When hiring a mold remediation team, you should ask what methods are used to clean the space and ask what techniques were used to lower the mold levels before they were cleaned If there are visible signs of mold, such as patches or dark spots, then the entire space should be cleaned with a powerful vacuum, perhaps with bleach or strong detergents.

If the areas are not visibly dirty, then a cleaning solution may be applied using a rotary brush or soft bristles equipment. After space is cleaned and the visible mold levels have been eliminated, the cleaned areas should then be saponified with a mold-killing solution and then sealed off. Mold remediation companies should offer detailed instructions on how to clean and finish the mold removal process.