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Fencing is an ancient sport that dates back to around 1000 B.C. The word fencing actually refers to the Greek word “fencing”, which was derived from the same two words as modern-day “fencing,” as well as the French word “fencer.” fencing is also known as angling.


Today, fencing has undergone many changes and refinements by different fencing companies including Brunswick fencing. Brunswick fencing is an internationally renowned fencing company that specializes in producing high-quality fencing. This company provides fencing for competition, residential, and commercial applications.

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Olympic Fencing, as this company is commonly known, is the oldest and most recognized fencing form in history. Olympic Fencing is the most recognized fencing form in the world with the U.S. Olympic team using it in its training for the Olympic Games. Fencing is an exciting sport that involves both skill and strategy. mastergroups.com.au In Olympic Fencing, the bout is divided into four parts: the attack, the defense, the rhythm, and the recovery.

As part of the training and development of its athletes, each fencer is trained to handle, use, and protect a specific weapon that will be used throughout the bout. The four main weapons used in Olympic Fencing are the same, the pommel guard, the arm guard, and the groin protectors.

Sabre, or single-bladed saber, is the primary weapon used by most fencers; the arm guard and groin protectors protect the entire body, while the pommel guard protects the arms, face, and neck. As part of the uniform, all Olympic fencing competitors are required to wear a helmet that covers the entire head and face. As a safety precaution, all fencers are required to wear earplugs to reduce noise levels.