Island Of Guam Car Rental Alternatives

If you’re planning to go to Guam then you might want to lease a vehicle. Well here is a summary of my expertise.

There are loads of car rental firms on Guam; perhaps between twenty-five brands. That is quite a lot of competition for this little island with a population of approximately 170,000 (Guam is roughly 38 kilometres from top to base ) Rent a Car in Cancun with Val. However, competition is great right? Well, there is apparently a few pick car rentals along with the one I picked was among those that, in the long run, was a fantastic option.

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Car Rental Alternatives

Although car rental costs on Guam are somewhat greater than in the States I have a brand new car for a relatively lower rate compared to other brand name auto rental businesses.

Nevertheless, they did have complimentary pickup support into the airport and in the airport, therefore, no issue. I later understood that because they were not within the terminal they did not control a 10% airport charge such as the car rental firms that needed a counter in the airport.

So it is either benefit or cost but actually it was just a couple of minutes from the airport so that it actually was not a question. The brokers were very friendly and they gave me a few instructions in addition to a manual map of Guam because Guam does not appear to have any street signs (I discovered that this is by the occasional typhoon that pops them off.).

Driving in Guam is a bit of an experience in itself. If you have been in some Asian cities such as Manila or Taipei you will understand what I mean. It is similar to the lines in the street and the junction lights are just helpful for decoration.

In Guam, it is not that intense. You only need to take care when moving through the lighted intersections since the natives have a tendency to continue driving even when the stoplight is between yellow and crimson! It appears even a number of that military personnel which were stationed here for some time have started the exact same driving habits.

Additionally, a number of the old streets are manufactured from corral reef that could become very slippery when driving in rain. Kind of a wonderful effect.

Like everywhere else fuel is not cheap now however you’re going to be amazed to find it out is more affordable than California particularly when the fuel is bought inside the Anderson Air Force Base and US Naval Base Guam.

The car rental firms I asked with the island favourable attitude that appears evident in many Pacific tropical Islands. Considering that the marketplace is restricted they do compete with each other so I would suggest shopping around and asking many firms for rates nevertheless I enjoyed their”customer” like support and they gave among the cheapest prices.