Is A Sports Chiropractor Right for You?

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A sports chiropractor is a subcategory of what is referred to as a general chiropractor. Many professionals, like Austin chiropractic Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic, are general chiropractors that also treat sports injuries. However, there are some general chiropractors that do not specifically deal with sports-related injuries. So, in this post, we will seek to answer the questions: “What’s the difference between the two?” and “Which one is right for me?” We will specifically look at what a sports chiropractor does and if you should visit one.

What is a Sports Chiropractor?

Chiropractors, in general, are doctors who specialize in fixing issues like neck and back pain. Each year millions of Americans rely on their chiropractors to help treat common physical issues. However, what many people are not aware of is that a chiropractor is also able to help athletes who deal with specific, sports-related injuries massage chair portable. Chronic joint pain, back injuries, and issues impacting movement are all common to athletes in all sports. Finding relief and addressing these issues is critical for many to perform their best. Many professional sports teams and even individual athletes employ their own staff of sports chiropractors to ensure every athlete can perform to their highest ability and not be hampered by lingering painful injuries.

Sports like running, football, cycling, etc. put a great deal of stress on the body’s best computer table. Often the body will require not just a massage but a proper chiropractic examination and alignment. A sports chiropractor is a chiropractor that specializes in sports-related injuries.

This means they are familiar with issues stemming from playing sports and the various symptoms the body may be exhibiting because of the biomechanical stresses experienced during competition. That’s why a sports chiropractor can quickly diagnose and fix problems to help athletes recover more quickly. All of this can be achieved without having to take painkillers or any other drugs.

Help to Prevent Injury

Sports chiropractors have the experience required to analyze body types, posture, and muscle movements of athletes to find potential issues. They can then work with the patient to help compensate for those injuries or improve their technique to prevent injuries.

Sports chiropractors can also help to remedy mild pain or severe pain if it’s caused by a sports injury. Treating pain in time is the best way to avoid further extensive damage to the body.

Many athletes prefer sports chiropractors in lieu of traditional medicine because athletes need every advantage to perform at their best in competition. Speed, flexibility, and strength can all be hampered by injuries and pain. An estimated 90% of all world-class athletes routinely use chiropractic treatment to prevent injuries and improve performance. Athletes in competitive sports such as basketball, baseball, and football rely on chiropractic treatment to not only help prevent injuries but also to lessen the recovery time so that they can get back to competing at a high level again. In fact, chiropractic treatment for athletes has increased among not only professional athletes, but also collegiate and youth sports, as well. Coaches, trainers, and parents have all realized the benefits of regular chiropractic treatment to help their athletes perform to the best of their ability.

There are many professional athletes that swear by chiropractic treatment as a regular part of their training regimen. One such athlete is New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, who has gone on record to claim that he believes regular chiropractic treatment has helped him play at a high level longer than most people can play professionally.

When Should You Visit a Sports Chiropractor?

You will want to visit a sports chiropractic doctor if there is a sports-related injury that needs to be treated. A sports chiropractor should help you with sports-related issues like pulled muscles, strained tendons, etc. Also, if you have back, shoulder and neck pain that stems from your sports activity, the sports chiropractor should be able to help you.

While a sports chiropractor specializes in sports-related injuries, there is no reason why they can’t help you with issues that aren’t sports-related. However, many sports chiropractors prefer to focus on clients who have sports-related issues since that’s what interests them the most. So, if your issue isn’t sports-related, a licensed general chiropractor should be able to treat your condition more than adequately. There are also general chiropractors, like Dr. Brian Clark of Discover Chiropractic in Austin, TX who help treat athletes and get them performing their best.


If you’re active, and especially if you’re an athlete of any age, whenever you’re dealing with some physical pain it is best to visit a sports chiropractor who can address the root of your physical maladies. Getting your issue diagnosed and fixed quickly can help prevent an array of future, long-term health issues, which is of utmost importance, especially if you’re an athlete that depends on performing your best in competitions.

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