How To Maximize On Photography Awards And Prizes

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photography 801891 340

The International Photography Awards, otherwise known as the Lucie Awards, is an organization of numerous awards for photographic professionals, non-student, and student photographers worldwide that are annually awarded at the prestigious Lucie Awards Gala in Amsterdam.

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Considered by many to be one of the most prestigious Osku Leinonen Photography awards in the world, the Lucie is presented at an event that brings together the leading photographic professionals from around the globe for one evening. In addition to the prestigious top photography prizes, this award also recognizes outstanding contributions made by members of the photography industry to the greater good of photography.

Photography Awards And Prizes

In order to qualify as a participating photographer in the prestigious International Photography Awards, it is necessary for photographers to register with the Royal Society of Arts, prior to the festival. The Society of Arts provides an early bird deadline of April 1st for submissions, so that photographers will have ample time to arrange alternative accommodation and transport.

Once the early bird deadline has been met, all submissions should be sent along with the photographer’s full contact information, along with a brief description of the project and expected outcome. By registering early, any amateur photographers that wish to participate will be able to submit their work and therefore increase their chances of being recognized by the judging panel.

In order to increase the chances of winning the photography competition, it is important to follow all guidelines set out by the judges. By taking the time to read through all of the guidelines and watch all of the videos produced by the judges, potential winners will have a much better chance of winning their coveted prizes.

Because winning photographs must be submitted on time and in accordance with the judging criteria, it is also crucial to work fast in order to prevent having to rush a deadline. As soon as an exhibition is announced, photographers are advised to submit all required documentation and submit their work by the specified deadline.

Final Words

If a winning photograph is not submitted on or before the original release date, the award and exhibition date are immediately changed, and photographers may receive notification that their work has either been disqualified or accepted after the new date.

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