How to Create Your Articles Rich in Content

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laptop 820274 340

If you’re a virtual assistant, undoubtedly you may finally have a customer that wishes one to unveil something he or she could have written or typed. It’s not always an easy task to locate just the correct words to capture the essence of what is being said in an intriguing and accurate manner. Now is the opportunity to earn your articles rich in content with a thesaurus.

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What is it you might ask?

A thesaurus is just the tool you desire; it’s a book that has a categorized list of synonyms. You remember what a synonym is from the times in English class at school, right? According to the Encarta English Dictionary (supplied in Microsoft Word 2007), a synonym is a word that means the same, or nearly the same, as another word in the exact same language, possibly in all its uses or in a specific context. Cases of synonyms in this way are”environment” and”environment” and the verbs”tear” and”tear”.

So why is a thesaurus beneficial in earning your content-rich once you compose or rewrite articles? For one thing, if you substitute words with synonyms, your content might just grab and keep the reader’s attention that much longer You have all heard that you only have thirty seconds to stimulate a reader’s natural curiosity so that they dive deeper into your own article.

What is a Few Good Thesauri’s?

I will discuss three here. Don’t take my word as gospel, nevertheless; perform a search in your favorite search engine under”thesaurus”. I want you to get the freedom to make up your own mind as to which one is going to work the best for you.

Unless I am working on a laptop, the very initial thesaurus I use all of the time is WordWeb. Why do I like it? Just check out some of the things it can help you with:

  • Proper nouns
  • Related words
  • Pronunciations
  • 120 000 synonym sets
  • Looks up words in almost any app

What makes Word Web so helpful is that you have the ability to use a combination of the Ctrl + Alt + the W keys on your keyboard to have the program open on your desktop. This saves immeasurable time and can be even faster than the next program I will discuss.

Outs There I can use online?

Remember I mentioned that I work in a notebook? One of the downsides of doing so is that a laptop won’t have as much memory as a desktop so I do not tend to download a good deal of software. What I have discovered is that Microsoft Office Word 2007 has a built-in thesaurus. How can you kick it into gear?

To give you a very simple explanation, say I want to change the word gear in my previous sentence to another person. I would place my cursor on the word”equipment”, right-click the term, and scroll down to Synonyms. Voila, you’ll have a listing of synonyms that you can pick and choose from listed on the appropriate for you.

You might also do exactly the identical type of search, just this time right click on the word”gear”, scroll down to Look Up, and left click on your mouse. It will automatically default to All Reference Books, but that’s easy to modify.

An additional method I have used in the past is utilizing Merriam-Webster OnLine. Apart from having a extensive thesaurus, they also have three other reference tools: English-Spanish, Dictionary, and Medical, in addition to giving you the”Word of the Day”.

A digital assistant must be thrifty in their own use of period, as well as being the best of the best. Oftentimes, there’ll be tools available to us which we don’t even know that may save us an immense amount of work. One of these resources is a fantastic thesaurus.


A fantastic thesaurus can not only save time, it can provide us with synonyms that will help us write and rewrite posts, blogs, press releases, eBooks, etc., that are award-winning. Not only that, a thesaurus can help us make our material rich in content.