How to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses

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Costco Eyeglasses is a privately held company in Canada that supplies prescription eyeglasses and vision care accessories to its millions of members. The company, which started in 1917, started out as a discount grocer and has grown into one of the largest discount retailers in North America.

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It offers both branded and non-branded glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and reading glasses. In addition to offering prescription eyeglasses, it also sells fashion and lifestyle items like shoes, handbags, apparel, toys, and children’s toys. It does not sell prescription eyeglasses.

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The cost of a pair of prescription eyeglasses can vary widely depending on the level of coverage provided by the plan selected and the type of lenses being purchased glasses. Some plans include an affordable plan that covers only the basic features, such as lenses, frames, and glasses. They also offer plans that have added benefits like extended warranty coverage on certain items.

Other plans cover a large range of features such as an extended warranty on the frames and also provide coverage for progressive eye exams. Some provide coverage for vision care including computer chip repairs, periodic vision tests, LASIK vision correction surgery, laser eye surgeries, and cataract surgery. There are also VIP plans that have been specially designed for senior citizens, students, and people with disabilities.

The company now offers a choice of buying prescription eyeglasses online. Through this, the customer is able to have his or her eyes checked from time to time and also see if there are any additional discounts provided by Costco to ensure that the price paid is the most affordable one. Through ordering online, the buyer can also save money since shipping is free. In addition to this, the eyeglasses can be delivered directly to the buyer’s door step without having to go through any middleman.

In addition to prescription eyeglasses, the company also has a full range of contact lenses and frame mounts that are available at a cost effective price. Since the company purchases in bulk, the price offered is the lowest. The frames and lenses are also available at a lower price compared to those in traditional stores. For the convenience of customers, ordering online can also be done right from the comfort of one’s home, even if they are located across the country.

By ordering prescription eyeglasses Canada, one can save time and money because he or she will only have to spend on the amount of time needed to visit different stores to find the best glasses. This would also mean fewer trips and traffic tickets. This service is also offered by most of the online optical stores, which means customers can also benefit from this offer. Furthermore, shopping online also means that the buyer does not have to get out of their homes to find the best deal and this saves them time, energy and money.

Ordering prescription eyeglasses in Canada is the most convenient way for people to have affordable and quality eyeglasses. It also helps the consumers save time, money, and effort in finding the right pair of prescription eyeglasses. One should not forget to check on shipping charges and other fees because some online stores offer additional charges. However, the charges depend on the stores, so it would be best to compare the charges among different online stores before making a purchase.