How Many More Must Die?

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face mask 4986596 340

While most are, expectedly, fixated, absorbed, and worried with all the horrific consequences of this pandemic pre medical university. it is important to understand and comprehend, our response/response to the public health crisis sadly in various ways are predictable depending on the behavior rhetoric obvious attention and priorities/schedule/self – interest of their recent Federal administration.

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As for me, I’ve found myself proclaiming, on many events (based on several different causes, and answers ) How many more have to die? In the previous 3 decades we’ve seen many cases in which those rights, statements, and concentrate on justice have taken a back – chair, to President Trump’s clear personal/ political agenda, and self – attention, regardless of the possible consequences, etc.

Bearing that in mind, this guide will try to, temporarily, consider, analyze, review, and talk, 5 regarding situations/conditions/situations, where our way of life, and fundamental, common sense, possess, seemingly been abandoned, along with the general health and security, is, at – risk.

5 About Occurrences

  1. Sane gun security steps: How many must die, unnecessarily, therefore the assumed Second Amendment rights, are protected? Many historians proclaim this didn’t imply, individuals would have unlimited access to some firearms, and so on, but, instead, was going to the nation’s correct, to have a militia, for security. How can anyone equate the single – shooter 90 – moments too – gun, load, with attack weapons, etc? If we enroll drivers, and cars, and lots of jobs, etc, does not it make sense, to make sure, firearms remain in the control of sane men and women, who possess the abilities, psychological abilities/skills, etc so responsibly? How a lot more people must perish, or be injured, due to individuals, using these kinds of assault weapons?
  2. Incendiary rhetoric: as soon as the President of the USA, utilizes incendiary rhetoric, also appears to promote, clear, extremist behavior (and violence), that is not ordinary, and must become the standard! Racism, hate crimes, hate symbols and language, dangers, etc, are frequently, enablers of violent offenses, etc!
  3. Climate change: Every other nation, from the world, irrespective of politics, etc, seems to comprehend, Climate Change is a true, clear and present threat, which, if not addressed, in a timely fashion, poses a danger to our country, the Earth, and individuals! However, our President reduces this threat, and queries, the science! Threatening public health, isn’t, what our people leaders, should do!
  4. Environment: It has taken quite a while for a number of those environmental protections, particularly, regarding clean water and air, have started to create a positive effect! But yet more, the short – term economic focus of the government, has diminished these protections, by enabling drilling, dumping, and diminished gas mileage criteria, while decreasing the positive possibility of electrical vehicles, respectively!
  5. Managing of Coronavirus: Whether it is ignoring or diminishing, early warning signs omens, etc forecasting the possible outbreak, a hoax, planning and preparing efficiently or functioning, on a bipartisan basis, to prioritize public health and security, or pressuring other people to start – up the market, in the possible health – hazard, of people and a re-escalation of the outbreak, President Trump’s clear attitude, and behavior/statements, appearing to minimize mathematics (while moving with a marginally arrogant know – it – all mindset at best is detrimental and at worst produces more possible hazard, etc!

Wake up America and select individuals prepared ready and able to prepare and strategy to take necessary actions and also listen to science, and also the specialists! Are you going to become a more accountable voter?