Four Dog Grooming Prices to Compare

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bulldog 1224267 340

Dog grooming prices vary depending on what type of dog you have and how often you’ll have him groomed. If you like the grooming professional to come to you instead, you should probably hire a mobile dog grooming groomer moble dog grooming service Boise Idaho. This is because this service isn’t usually as affordable as salon grooming and because you don’t need to leave the house, it’s also usually much less crowded. But the choice is still up to you.

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The first thing to consider when figuring out dog grooming prices is the size of your pooch. There are many different breeds, but there are basically four sizes: small, medium, large and giant. Your chosen groomer should be able to determine which size your pet needs based on breed standards. If you’re unsure, ask the groomer for references or recommendations. It’s also a good idea to consider how large your pet would be if you had any wrinkles or other physical deformities.

Dog Grooming Prices to Compare

Once you’ve decided on the ideal dog size, it’s time to start calculating dog grooming prices. Most providers will provide a list of services they offer. Just as with trimming your own hair, the price depends on what kind of services you choose and the quality of them. Trimming your pet’s coat may cost less per hour than blowing dry the same area, so this is a factor to consider.

Shampooing is something most people already do at home, but some groomers specialize in this service. Ask your groomer what types of shampoos he prefers. For example, if you have a very sensitive skin dog, a mild shampoo might be a better choice than an antibacterial one. Depending on the breed and thickness of your dog’s coat, brushing should last from just a few minutes to half an hour. Be sure to ask your groomer if he will use a brush or just rub your dog’s coat down.

Sometimes the dog grooming prices you are charged do not include the cost of the actual grooming. A good example is nail trimming. If you have trimmed your dog’s nails before, chances are your bill will be less. Ask your groomer about the different nail trimming options, the cost and length of the training, and if there are additional fees. For example, some nail salons require the dog to pay a fee before the nails are cut.

Final Words

There are many additional services that dog groomers charge, but these four offer a good starting point for comparison shopping. If you’re on a budget, these prices should allow you to find a reasonable provider. Just be sure to ask questions, compare prices and consider the additional services the groomers offer. You want your dog to look his or her very best!