Escape Room Games For a Brain Teaser

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For anyone who is looking for a brain teaser, check out Escape The Giant Adventure by Abode Games. This is one of the latest escape room games to hit the market. It takes you right back to the 90’s when you played this game on the computer or your ZX Spectrum. Now you can play it on the iPhone and have access to the same exciting memories. Not only will you have all the fun of a real escape room but also have access to a slew of information that will help you learn what you need to know to get through each room.

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Escape The Giant Adventure is a very fun game and there are many aspects that make it so. First, it has the elements of an escape room without the puzzles things to do in Nampa. You are in charge of solving puzzles and exploring rooms until you find all the clues you need to escape. You’ll need to collect items as you go and use them to help you get through the level. Abode Games takes you through every room with this great game.

Escape Room Games For a Brain

In addition to having great elements of an escape room, Abode Games has put together a great story line. You begin by selecting the character you’d like to escape from. Once you’ve chosen your character, you get to learn some background information about the character. As you learn more about them, you’ll also find out more about the escape you’re about to go on. Throughout the story line, there will be different scenes that will take you into another part of the giant maze. You might even come across a character who could be your ally and help you escape from each room!

All the escape room games featured on Abode Games are very different from each other. Some feature hidden objects and other puzzle solve. Some have a time limit, while others give you a certain amount of time to escape. Some are platform type games, while others are more adventure type. There is something for everyone, which is why they have over 40 escape room games to choose from. No matter what kind of Escape Game you’re looking for, you can find it on Abode Games.

If you love playing escape rooms and solving puzzles, you’ll definitely want to check out the Escape From Pompeii. This one is full of adventure, romance, and even scares! You play as either Dora or Jade and help them get through all kinds of puzzles and adventures to reach the secret hideout. Even though this one isn’t that scary, it will give you just enough suspense to hold your attention. This is one of the escape room games that really gets your adrenaline pumping.

Final Words

The Cave of Wonders is another exciting escape room game featuring strong puzzle-solving elements. You play as Eve, a cave woman, and you have to explore the many levels in order to escape from the cave and retrieve the artifacts inside. In this game, you never know when you’ll bump into something or find a hidden object. This one will really have you crawling around in vents and dark areas in order to complete the various quests and escape the cave as quickly as possible. With its realistic scenario and intriguing puzzles, The Cave of Wonders will really be a great introduction to escape room games. You’ll want to try this one as soon as you can!