Employment Lawyers in Dublin, Ireland Near Me

employment lawyers in dublin ireland near me 3974

employment lawyers in dublin ireland near me 3974

Employment lawyers in Dublin, Ireland near me deal with some pretty tricky situations on a daily basis. One of my favorite colleagues at the Employment Law Centre in Dublin is Tom Cullen. He deals with a variety of employment and family related issues, as well as assisting people who have been unfairly dismissed from their jobs. If you live in the area or are close to it I highly recommend getting some type of representation from this qualified professional.

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As I mentioned previously one of my favorite clients is Tom Cullen, he represented me in a recent employment case that I won after two years of a court battle with medical negligence lawyers in Dublin. His skills as an employment lawyer are second to none and he will bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to your table once you sit down with him. To say that he is a passionate advocate for his clients is a true testimonial to his character. I am certain that any person who works with a lawyer will benefit in some way from having a legal professional on their side.

Employment Lawyers in Dublin

When I need a good Employment lawyer in Dublin, Ireland to help me resolve an employment matter, I contact Mr. Cullen. Within a matter of minutes I am presented with a list of options to choose from. Sometimes I am not even in an office building yet, in this instance I can be in the local pub with my case while discussing the particulars of my case with Tom. The manner in which we discuss matters of importance, makes all the difference in the world in terms of the outcome.

In my mind I am a fairly “out-of-the-woods” sort of person and would rather stay out in the open, with my problems occurring, rather than being under the cloak and dagger of a legal professional. Tom and I take an active interest in ensuring that our clients receive the very best possible legal advice. We both feel strongly that personal integrity and commitment is a must when representing someone else in a court of law. This commitment extends to every area of our practice. We are committed to our client’s rights, and fight vigorously to defend these rights, even in the face of huge opposition and sometimes vicious criticism.

When I need to employ the services of an employment lawyer in Dublin, Ireland, it often makes life difficult for the client. Many times the client will be represented by one or two other legal professionals who work on their own for the larger firm. This creates confusion and difficulty for the client. It may become necessary to hire more than one attorney. When this happens, each new addition costs the client money. What I like about working with Tom is that he feels like my personal assistant, someone I can ask questions to obtain the appropriate answers to suit my specific needs.

Final Words

If you or a family member work in an office environment, it is very important that you know your legal rights and the legalities behind them. An employment lawyer in Dublin, Ireland near me can help you deal with any number of issues such as: paternity, dismissal, redundancy, maternity leave, whistle blowing, whistle blowers, etc. You can find a good legal professional by doing a simple search on the internet. You will receive numerous listings of highly qualified attorneys in Dublin, Ireland.