Diary of a Sales Rep: The Sales Lead Generation Impact

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Revenue is a funny old game. You bust a gut to hit your monthly goals and about the final day of the month you realize tomorrow, it starts all over again! There will always be good days and there’ll always be bad days.

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To be able to maximize on the great days, Salespeople want the entire support of their direction lead generation company. This includes supplying the sales team with the means to maximise on the use of the time. 1 such procedure is implementing a structured, integrated Sales Lead Generation method.

By participating with a skilled Sales Lead Generation Company you can free up your earnings people’s time so that they can focus on what they are best at (and compensated to do!) i.e. close business deals.

Both parallel universes explained below are very typical in daily in the life span of…

Dominion of the Dynamic

7:00am – Alarm goes off into the sweet tune of Hothouse Flowers”It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day”.

9:00am – First meeting of the day. Final negotiation and sign off with Company X. It is a breaking deal.

10:00am -Deal secured. This lead was created by means of a B2B Telemarketing firm who conducted a focussed lead generation campaign 3 weeks ago. Apparently the boss is speaking together about another effort… and rightly so I say! Time for another java methinks.

11:30am – Second meeting of the day. Arrive a little early so time to update our cloud CRM. The lead gen company fed the qualified sales leads straight into this CRM so that I am looking in real time data.

I believe I’ll treat myself. With the morning I have experienced, I deserve it.

2:00pm – Lead follow up in my live opportunities. Check and send emails, place telephone calls, fill next weeks diary. New leads created by our Outsourced B2B Telemarketing Agency are fed through and assigned to me. I have complete visibility.

3:00pm – Run my sales pipeline report. Prep for meeting with the Boss at 4:15pm.

4:15pm – Meeting with Boss for one third and staff sales meetings.

5:30pm – Earnings meeting went well. The boss confirmed we’ll be rolling out a long-term appointment setting contract with our Lead Generation Partner. I am thrilled to hear this as the degree of qualification on the leads I’m getting is actually driving my conversion ratios. 5:30pm – Have just taken a serious beating! I tried to discuss with my boss the fact that we will need to execute a more organized sales lead generation process. The quantity of time I’m spending non-productive sales activities is seriously affecting my ability to market. Time to go home and do my CV!

Demesne of the Downtrodden

7:00am – Alarm goes off to the tune of “How To Disappear Completely” by Radiohead.

9:00am – Proper… cold calling. Looks like an export in the 1952 replica of the Golden Pages. Why !!!

10:00am- Excel sheet is making me feel dizzy. Time for another java methinks.

11:30am – Managed to make 15 phone calls from excel sheet. Spoke with a single decision maker who told me to go away. There has GOT to be a better way of finding prospects!

1:00pm – Rapid ham sandwich and hop in the car for a meeting in Ballygobackwards. Hope to God I squeeze a deal out of the man. I have a meeting with my boss in the future to discuss my sales pipeline.

2:00pm – Eventually found assembly location. Heart sinks! I know he’s a plumber but certain maybe he does require application integration program!

Such a nice guy. He told me 3 generations of family history but… no purchase! If I had a source of qualified sales opportunities!

4:15pm – Meet with boss to run through my sales pipeline and gauge prediction earnings.

5:30pm – Have just taken a severe beating! I attempted to discuss with my boss that the fact that we will need to execute a more structured sales lead generation procedure. The quantity of time I’m spending on non-productive sales actions is seriously impacting my ability to sell. Unfortunately my arguments fell on deaf ears. Time to go home and do my CV!

The fact of the situation is these two universes do really exist. As a Sales Manager, you need to evaluate how your salespeople are spending their time and the best way to drive efficiencies in your whole sales process. The creation of qualified sales opportunities is an essential part of this jigsaw.


Conducting this action in-house may be expensive, time-intensive, and laden with danger. Engaging with the ideal B2B lead generation spouse offers flexibility, fully trained and analyzed staff, service level guarantees, and decreased risk. Don’t wait for your best salespeople to look elsewhere for employment. Act today.

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