Concrete Cowboy (Movie Review)

concrete cowboy movie review 3489

concrete cowboy movie review 3489

Concrete Cowboy is a unique comedy about three African American teenagers who find themselves living in the big city of New York City. Aged 13, Darnell (Chiron), Sharene (Stone), and Kingston (Stallings) are street kids from rough neighborhoods who enjoy the life they have been taught to have by their father – a successful truck driver. Sent away to live with his father for the summer, an out-of-work ex-convict decides to spend the time with them while learning to trade his old junk for their new identity as professional street kids.

However, when a vicious attack occurs that leaves Darnell and Sharene injured, the boys are thrust into a life of adventure and peril while battling to save their new identity and find a heartland filming location. Directed by Jacob Lofland, Concrete Cowboy features several well-timed humor to keep the viewers entertained through its witty writing and powerful character development.

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Concrete Cowboy

Sporting a wide range of colors and themes, Concrete Cowboy centers on the colorful aspects of the African American culture, particularly on the vibrant colors associated with the culture and tradition of the Three Kings. The movie opens with the well-known story of how the three Kings took up arms against the oppressor and laid down their lives for a new country, “The United States of America.” The movie follows their journey from childhood to adulthood, as they learn to face the harsh realities of life in America, especially as they try to establish their own families and form a society for themselves concrete contractors tampa. The kids discover that they have to adapt to the differences between white people and the Black Americans who also reside in and around New York City. Aiding the boys in their quest to overcome obstacles and form their destiny is none other than the colorful protagonist, Darnell; a very aware and self-aware young man who resists pressure to conform to the gaudy and flashy life of the Three Kings.

Final Words

In short, Concrete Cowboy is a great family film that explores some timely issues about race, gender, class, and gentrification in and around the project concrete. A great choice for a family film, the film provides much entertainment while teaching valuable lessons about the challenges that people in the contemporary world face every day. Overall, Concrete Cowboy is a great family film that anyone can enjoy.