Challenge Coins Make Great Collectibles

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money 2696219 340

Have you ever thought about how much it costs to purchase the coins that make up a complete collection? The answer to that question will vary from collector to collector. For example, if the collection is comprised of very rare coins such as gold coins that are very valuable then the price of the coins can be quite high indeed.

The same is true of old coins that may be in perfect condition. So, how does one go about coming up with an estimate of how much it will cost to purchase these coins?

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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins usually cost $3.00 each – $5.00 in general speaking. More specifically though, it really depends on all the factors that influence the coin’s value cheap challenge coins. Challenge coin pricing depends on various factors such as size, weight, color, and rarity. Usually, smaller custom coins are less expensive than larger challenge coins, which have better coloration and/or are made of a brighter metal than their larger counterparts (gold and silver enamel coins are always a good bet).

One thing that you definitely want to consider when looking at the prices for challenge coins is the material in which they’re made. While there are many different types of coins that can be collected, you want to focus on coins that are made of high quality metal. Gold and silver enamel coins are great investments because they retain their value and are easy to come by.

However, there are certain coins that are made of a lower quality metal but still look very nice. These include nickel-free coins, challenge coins that have been minted by the US military, and hard enamel coins that have been specially made by a company such as Philadelphia nickel.

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