Andhra Pradesh Beach Tour Presents Unlimited Fun

Beach Tour

Andhra Pradesh Tourism delivers interesting tourist attractions enticing tourists from far and wide. Beaches are the major attractions in which tourists have come to spend their vacations in the lap of calmness and beauty. Its magical attractions will certainly make you spellbound with their own charm.

A number of the famous shores are:

My pad

Hit this shore to unwind in a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. Motorbike journey along the coast is a significant attraction.

Boats, Sea, Coast, Calm, Rowing Boats


It’s a favorite beach perfect for surfing and tranquility Its arresting environment are a treat to your eyes. Visakha Utsav is a renowned festival of this country that’s celebrated here with fantastic excitement.


Come and unwind in the enchanting surroundings of Rishikonda famous for its gold yellow sand and swaying palm trees.


This fantastic destination with reddish sand beckons you to get a rejuvenating experience. River Gosthani, older temples, and churches are the attractions that are nearby.


The interface of the beach used to function as a gateway to India. Its shallow water provides excellent opportunities for water sports like swimming and water skiing. Its black soil rather than sand is its own striking feature. There’s a gorgeous park close to it.